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How does BLM work to ensure that women in hard to reach areas receive critical and lifesaving services and contraception? 

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How does access to contraceptives provide Zaina with peace of mind? 

Breaking the cycle of poverty starts with a choice, for Annastasia.

How did Estelle deal with her husband and family prohibiting her from using contraceptives?

Since 2008, BLM has provided more than 1.9 million family planning services to Malawian women. This includes 395,032 long acting and permanent methods, which has generated over five million couple years of protection.

In 2013, nearly half of the women in Malawi who are using a modern family planning method, received it from us. We assisted 170,000 women by providing a long acting or permanent family planning method. We have doubled the number of young women accessing contraception since 2011, and have reached more than 165,000 women under the age of 25. 

We also provide free voluntary medical male circumcision to 1,200 men each month in Mulanje and Phalombe districts and socially market nine million male condoms annually.